mercredi 27 août 2008

Addictive 3D MotionX Poker Game

This game is morph of classic poker with the elements of Yahtzee.

The mission is to get the best poker hands in three rolls using five dice and three rolls per turn.
Dices are used to show cards and only a select number of cards are used from the deck. You will notice that a straight is better than a full house because it has less odds. Actually the game resembles to poker dice.

What you will get here is the good usage of iPhone accelerometer, nice 3D graphics, rich soundtracks. Just shake your iPhone to see how the dice roll realistically because of the physics engine. Even though MotionX Poker is a single player game it is quite addictive.

Visit the game official website and you can download from app store using the link there. Only $4.99

lundi 18 août 2008

Chopper Helicopter Game for iPhone

Chopper is an exciting helicopter game with lots of enemy fire action. There are several missions in a total of sixty levels to complete and return to base. Your enemies are tanks and the raged men with bazookas. Three difficulty levels.

You need tilt to fly and touch the screen to drop bombs or fire the machine gun. If you are over cautious like me you should save your game at any point, and resume right where you left off if. I especially liked these beautiful 3D scene renders (although side-scrolling). It is one of the best what you will find in iPhone App Store.

Developer : Magic Jungle Software , Price : $7.99

How to know first about new iPhone games?

App Store becomes much more active everyday and already hosts more than 450 iPhone games. New games are added every day and many of them takes updates.

There is two way of knowing about fresh iPhone games. First is to visit this blog surely or use a web service called GotApps. This is an alert system of new apps on the App Store which will email you on the keywords you set up.

You should sign up an alert for Games category and that's it. The service emails you if it finds a new tab. Recommended!

vendredi 1 août 2008

Prepare your iPhone for Wolfenstein and Doom 2 RPG

According to Kotaku, id Software brains are already playing with iPhone SDK for awhile and preparing Wolfenstein and Doom 2 RPG for mobile phones.

They did not clearly stated that they would certainly develop the games for iPhone but I am sure they will surprise us to invade iPhone gaming sector as soon as possible before the competitors.

These games surely will be a hot seller.