mercredi 17 décembre 2008

The Google Video Help Forum has moved

Our Google Video Help Forum now has a new home! You may have already heard of (or tried out) the new Google Help Forums. Today, our Google Video Help Group will be moving to this new platform.

The help forum is still an area for users to come together to discuss and share their knowledge of Google Video- only now it has a new look. It's integrated with our help center, which makes it even easier to jump into the forum while you're browsing the help center. You can search for content across both the forum and help center articles as well.

There are a lot of new features that make the forum an effective resource for users. You can vote on which responses you think answer a particular question, and even mark a response as a "best answer" to a question that you've asked. The new system will also recognize contributions from helpful posters.

If you haven't checked out our help forum before, now is a great time to come take a look. Post a question if you have one, or take a few minutes to answer one of your fellow Google Video users. You can find us at

dimanche 7 décembre 2008

Antimatter Arcade from Pangea Software

I will introduce you a strange but addictive space (particle) arcade iPhone game from the Pangea, also known as with their Enigmo game (3D puzzle) which has won the Best iPhone Game award in 2008 by Apple.

It is a strange game but I will try to explain how it works. There is an orb and you try to convert blue cosmic strings (which also move around) to red by moving your finger in a certain period of time. It looks easy but not actually.

The graphics are really powerful and the gameplay is high quality. Pangea software games are really cheap nowadays for introduction purposes of antimatter game. Only $0.99 at appstore including the famous Enigmo.