dimanche 5 avril 2009

Gamesrenkei is online

Finally our site is going online Current look is our version one design which might not look cute or attractive. This version design will be replaced by our version two design. The functions of the site are all in and definitely there are room for improvement.
Hope we can test it as well as get feedback from our pioneer users. Nothing beats the feedback from users themselves. We will try our utmost to improve on this website. Wish us all the best!

jeudi 2 avril 2009

iNetMania : Monopoly Game for iPhone

iNetManiaTrying to bankrupt your best friends in financial social games like Monopoly was always a popular hit all times no matter as a board game or on your computer. Monopoly eventually would evolve into an iPhone game and the time has come in a not very cool looking name, iNetMania. Actually it is the digital version of another popular board game, ServerMania.

So, what are the rules? You own a fictional website and try to make money online by attracting more visitors than your rival. Squares are full of server costs, marketing related items, advertising income etc. Your destiny mostly is determined by landing squares. Like Monopoly, they can be positive or negative according to your rolling die luck. This high quality and fun iPhone game can be played by up to 4 people, humans like you or computer. Graphics, animations and playability is top level. I just didn't enjoy the sounds much. It could be better for sure.

Overall, if you enjoyed Monopoly like games before, iNetMania is your new baby for iPhone (and iPod Touch surely)

iNetMania website

mercredi 1 avril 2009

Gamerenkei Version One

Lately our team have been testing our site for all kinds of bugs. Alot of experience has been gain through this process. We even managed to "linked" up with Zazzle for our monetization of the game products. This was a painful process and it may not be perfect for now, but definitely useful for our users.

Our baby will go ahead asap to get response from the market. No website is perfect for the first time. Update again once the site is up and going. Wish us all the luck!