lundi 22 juin 2009

3D Fast and Furious Air Combat for iPhone

F.A.S.T (Fleet Air Superiority Training) is currently one of the most exciting games for iPhone air combat simulation fans. Realistic 3D in 360 degrees. 30 missions mostly covering hot dogfights and 10 aircrafts to choose. First, you can play only 3 of them but later all aircrafts will be available including F-4, F-15, F-16, F-22, Eurofighter and some other stealthfighters. This new iPhone game is all about figting crazily, the developers also put many different missiles, rockets and guns. Simple miniguns to advanced radar driven missiles. You can also test your skills against your friends one-to-one or in groups of two players.

Eventhough it is more expensive that similar iPhone airfight game titles (Currently $4.99), it will surely enjoy air combat fans.

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jeudi 18 juin 2009

Upload Your Photos, Download Your Albums

In December, the Picasa Web Albums Uploader added support for downloading a photo album to your Mac. We've recently updated the Uploader to include the ability to download all photos from all albums in your account. To start the download, sign in to your account with the Picasa Web Albums Uploader application and select the Existing Album tab. Holding down the Mac's Option key will change the title of the Download Album button to Download All. Then one click will bring all of your albums home.

This update also improves reliability of the uploader's iPhoto export plug-in. The uploader typically keeps itself up-to-date, but you can also get the latest version, 1.3.1, from the download page. Please let us know how it works for you in the Mac Uploader area of the Picasa Help forum.

Firemint Real Racing Game for iPhone - Awesome !

Developer of high quality games Firemint, especially known with their best selling iPhone air simulation Flight Control, now released most waited race game, Firemint Real Racing at App Store for $10. I will straightly claim that it is currently the best iPhone race game you can find there. PSP fans who claim iPhone is not for games, should be really jealous seeing the wonderful 3D graphics, high quality audio of engine sounds, flawless multiplayer game mode and clever AI implementation.

Real Racing Game offers 36 cars, 12 tracks in three racing divisions. As a beginner quick race is a good start with default controls. You can change default settings to according to touch or tilt input. For example, auto or manual acceleration, brakes. After playing some time, you can change into career mode where you participate on several racing events (total 57) and reveal new types of cars (Sedan, Hatchback, Muscle :) according to your experience. By the way, it is not easy to complete all career mode, it can take several hours.

It is not the end of the game. You can even join a centralized online league to compete against other human racers. So, maybe it will take weeks until you become bored of it.

If you will spend money on a racing game, do not think twice. Highly recommended!