lundi 10 août 2009

Dota Allstar 6.61 Map

Dota Allstars 6.61 has been released with 2 more characters - Batrider and Tauren Chieftain.
Batrider capabilities are very weak and does not have much disable prowess. Throughout my gaming, i have yet to see anyone using batrider. Definitely not recommended. Even as a supporting hero, this is one of the weakest among the intel based heros.
Tauren Chieftain is a very good early good and team work hero. Able to cast a spirit far away and cast a area stun and damage spell on both real hero and spirit hero, this hero is a good hero to play with. Any opponent facing this hero will have a tough time farming in the early stage. Also due to the area stun capabilities, during a team player, the cast of spirit in the midst of enemies, will not cause any danger to the team members. Having to cast area stun, the whole team can rush in for the kill immediately.
Extra thing is they have modified Razor. Ultimate has been changed to time limitation and no more fast attack (replaced by Plasma Field). I feel that he has been weakened and not so easy to use like before. Do rethink again if you wish to use razor.

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