mardi 17 novembre 2009

iPhone DotA AllStars

iPhone DotA Allstars, a game i will be dying to get for my iPhone. Not only i can play my favorite game on my pc, i will be able to play it on the go too! This is my dream and i hope someone will create this based on iPhone platform one day soon! Just soon brief introduction about DotA before sharing with my small idea for Allstars DotA iPhone.

DotA Background
Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a customized map for the real-time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The company that created this game is blizzard and they have some serious popular games: diablo, warcraft3, starcraft2, world of warcraft (WoW).

This customized map is created using the "World Editior" within Warcraft 3and was further developed in warcraft 3 expansion - Frozen Throne. Many maps are created and many different version of DotA was created. The most popular map is DotA Allstars. Currently the main developer is done by "IceFrog". I have been playing this game since 5 years ago, that means i have been addicted to this game for so long. DotA Allstars has become so popular that it is recognized and even featured in worldwide tournaments like Blizzard Entertainment's BlizzCon and the Asian World Cyber Games (WCG).

To play DotA, you need to buy the Warcraft3 and the expansion Frozen throne. Places like Amazon, ebay, Walmart and even buy online in Blizzard Online Store. After which, you will go into the internet to download the latest FREE DotA map from sites like getdota as well as to download the latest drivers etc in the battlenet. That's all you need to play DotA Allstars online in the battlenet. You can even download dota ai for AI version to play on your own. AI heros can be set at your will - easy, normal or insane. There are alot of information in the net about dota heros, dota guides, dota items and dota build.

The objective of this customized map is to destroy the opponent team throne, with strong towers and moving creeps. There are two sides; the Sentinel and the Scourge. Each team will need to choose a hero and work as a team using different skills and tactics to kill your opponent team and fight through the strong defense. The players get to level up their hero build and buy hero items to compliment their abilities.

DotA iPhone Version
How to out DotA into iPhone? I have created the interface as per below.

The controls are in the left and right side of the iPhone screen. All the buttons for :Move, Stop, Attack and hero upgrades are placed on the left side. All the execution of the 4 skills are placed on the right side of the screen. Saying that, it means you need 2 hands to play this game with controls on both side. Next question is how to move? It will be quite difficult to keep pressing onto the small screen everything. What is special about iPhone? The ability to detect balance. The hero can be navigated using the balancing.

Whenever the hero can upgrade the level, just click on the upgrade and skills icon. Shopping can be easily. typically you will move near the items shops, click the desired shops and buy whatever with a click. Escaping the shop can be done easily with a esc icon. If you happen to purchase an ability item, just drag the item to the right to create an additional icon for the skills. You may also preset the skills using a hit shake of the iphone. Upon a hard shake, your hero will executive the ultimate skill. Why i suggest this move? The reason is that every split second counts and it means life and death in this real-time game.

Communication can be done high tech. Instead of typical in PC DotA, the communication will be done via voice. This will make the game more realistic and exciting. During the PC version, sometimes while typing, we are not able to play the game, therefore causing jeopardy to ourselves. Using voice communication, we can play with ease and continuously.

My ideas are out and i hope someone can kick start this game development soon. Cheers to iPhone Dota!

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