dimanche 8 novembre 2009

iPhone Game - Sushi Chain

This new iPhone Game called Sushi Chain is an interesting game whereby you get to be the chef of a sushi shop. In general, sushi chain is about a sushi bar which you have impatient customers. The task of this iPhone Game is to prepare the sushi fast enough before the customers leave and to maintain your reputation.

Simple game for this Sushi Chain right? The challenge in this game is be able to remember all the recipes of the growing sushi dishes you need to prepare fast. Whats more? You need to be fast to replenish your stocks which also takes sometime. Stock such as rice, seaweed, shrimps etc.

In case you might forget the recipe, there is a recipe book to refer to whenever you need it. Trust me, after play awhile, you can remember most of the recipe and prepare it fast. Remember to keep track of the sushi ingredients that runs out as fast as you prepare them.

Like typical Japanese culture, no food will be put to waste. There is a limitation of sushi dish to be placed on the conveyor belt. This cannot be undo or remove. Therefore if you might have placed too many trash on the conveyor belt, you have lesser places for the sushi. This will slow down your food preparation process. Instead of preparing the food in advance by 5 sushi dishes, you might only prepare 2 sushi dishes and have 3 trash dishes on the conveyor belt. The trash sushi will only remove by itself after sometime.

Sushi Chain can be a challenge on the later part of the game when customers are very impatient and the in and out flow of the customers becomes really fast. This can be really difficult as you might panic and create a lot of trash sushi or stocks runs out really fast. Remember the sushi dishes well and you can play it fast.

You can try out the sushi chain lite for a trial before buying the more challenging complete game. Have fun playing sushi chain.

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