lundi 2 novembre 2009

[Pre-Release] Cobra Command, Data East

The plans to restore the iPhone game in 1984 «Cobra Command» by Data East was first reported about a month ago. And only now we learned that this week the game is sent to moderated to Apple.

The game was one of the first built on the principle of "live cinema", and enjoyed immense popularity of twenty-five years ago in the halls of slot machines.

«Cobra Command» was created in the image and likeness of games such as «Dragon's Lair» (1983), «Sapce Ace» (1984), in the style FMV - Full Motion Video, (born - completely mobile video). In fact, these games is an interactive cartoon, made by traditional hand-drawn animation, in which the player had the opportunity to interact with some objects. They used an analog laser videodisc containing 30-60 minutes of video. In the late 80's - early 90's, this method was very suitable, because technical capabilities of computers and game consoles of that time were insufficient to display the detailed three-dimensional graphics in real time, but already enables you to play full-screen video quality comparable to VHS.

FMV technology used for creating interactive movies and cartoons, as well as for other genres of games, where videos replace real-time graphics, as part of the game objects are displayed using two-or three-dimensional real-time graphics. Game «Cobra Command» was one of the most common types of FMV-games. Games of this type may have differences in performance, but reduced to shooting at various objects through sight or light gun. (On the iPhone of course we will aim with a virtual joystick).

There are two main types of this type of games. One is an interactive movie, at certain points in which the player is attacking the characters. The player must catch fire in a certain area of the screen - then the film goes a stage defeat the attacker. If a player does not have time to shoot or admits fault, he loses again and the film begins with the beginning level (the episode, a scene). The second game is a rail shooter, where the video is used as the background, and goals are sprites, or polygonal models.

For comparison, the original video games, working on an emulator Daphne:

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