lundi 2 novembre 2009

[Pre-Release] Eliminate, ngmoco:)

ngmoco:) released a new video of the expected many shooter «Eliminate». This movie shows us how swift gameplay in the world «Eliminate».

This game has been presented to us even at WWDC 2009 in San Francisco, and was formerly known under the name «LiveFire» or "Killtest". Even then it was clear that we face an outstanding project, a new level of games for iPhone.

«Eliminate» is an online multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter), with the ability to "pump" character. Coolly and reflexes amateur Deathmatch, we need to be combined with the ability to calculate costs. The game will be presented to store weapons, armor and other items, and moved the characteristics of the player up. Shopping, we will commit to a virtual currency earned in the arena. Since the client part of the game promises to be absolutely free, is not difficult to guess at what will make ngmoco:). In «Eliminate» add a system of «in-app» purchases. Thus, those who want to get all at once, did not make the battles, the developers will provide an opportunity to spend on equipping their most real money! Let's hope that ngmoco:) is not going to charge a fee for currency conversion and everything will be honest.

Managing the game is realized through virtual joysticks.In this case, review and is aiming for the principle of «tap to anywhere» (born - click anywhere) like we have already seen in the Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

Graphics on height. In the narrow corridors and small rooms, we see even the dynamic lighting of the shots. Bonuses, falling from dying opponents, drawn schematically, in spite of the fact that the sprite look good. Generally, it should be emphasized that the textures are drawn fairly high quality. In any case, the texture of higher resolution is useless on the iPhone screen is three and a half inches, so even if the dynamics inherent in «Eliminate», the difference we can hardly see.

Connect between players by using 3G or Wi-Fi. This will provide good data transfer rate, but, unfortunately, not all users have Wi-Fi, and, to put it mildly, not universally available network 3G. But other ways to connect to online games of this level there.

On the official page of the game, you can see what awaits us in the world «Eliminate»: 3D-models of weapons and armor and their characteristics.

The game is already on pre-moderation in Apple and will be approved soon.

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