mardi 3 novembre 2009

[Release / Cydia] Firewall IP

Firewall IP - This is the first firewall for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which warns us that whenever an application from the AppStore goes into the network and asks for our data (Contacts, UDID, etc.).

The application consists of two parts: the first uses MobileSubstrate. Every time you start the application menu will appear, in which we can see that it is trying to make the application. Then we can:
  •     * Allow connections only once;
  •     * Block connection only once;
  •     * Always allow connection;
  •     * Deny the connection forever;
  •     * Allow a specific application, any action;
  •     * Prohibit certain application, any action;
Second part: This is an application that is available to run from your springboard. In the annex you can add or change existing rules.

Key features:
  •     * Blocking TCP / UDP; 
  •     * Displays the name of the node connection; 
  •     * Simple and intuitive interface; 
  •     * Setting the rules; 
  •     * Low CPU and RAM; 
  •     * Switch in SBSettings; 
The application is available in Cydia Store and costs $ 1.99.

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