jeudi 18 février 2010

iPhone Plants vs Zombies

iPhone - Plants vs Zombies is a strategy game which is similar to that of tower defense. However this game was a big hit on desktop. Now they have created a application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Let see what this game is about in iPhone and iPod.

Plants vs Zombies as mentioned earlier, the gameplay is similar as other tower defense game. What makes this iPhone game so nice? The Plants vs Zombies gameplay was created in a fun and interesting way. Tower defense games usually are ailens, monsters and humans, what is so great about plants and zombies fighting? The gameplay is a gradual game which slowly train the player. This is good for players so as not to turn them off. The levels will help to unlock more killer plant and more killer plants as you play on. Each have their unique defense capabilities which you will need to think, how to maximize your defense mechanism. Of course similarly for your enemies, you will get to fight more new forms of strange and interesting zombies.

Plants vs Zombies (PVZ) have some difference from the "similar" tower defense. That is why this game is a hit on desktop. Instead of the enemies coming from different directions, the map is created such that the enemies are always moving in same direction. The strategy of this game is managing your weapon lines. You need to ensure a well-protected patch of sunflowers to generate light, and also an array of different plants in each line. A good defense to fight off any type of enemy that comes by. The touch controls are perfectly designed to allow you to tap on a seed type from your menu and just jab where you want it to go. This allows for really rapid engagement, extremely useful for the later more chaotic levels. Added challenges come later when nighttime falls, drastically reducing your sunlight production; after that, you move to different locations around your house, each bringing new difficulties. It's also possible to pick up coins throughout the game which allow you to buy upgrades.

Plants vs Zombies is a fun game, loaded with fun and an utter humor in the iPhone touchscreen. For those who feel they are exhausted with tower defense games, the plants vs zombies may bring back some interest back. Everyone else should consider it a must have for their iphone or ipod.

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