dimanche 28 mars 2010

Dinosaur train toys

Dinosaur train is an animated series about the adventures of a bunch of cute looking dinosaurs. It is currently airing in the US PBS programme and managed to break historical records for viewership. Kids all over the US are becoming fans of this show and has a result, there have been different merchandise spin off that attempts to take advantage of this rising trend.

These merchandise typically include ites such as coloring books, soundtracks, figurines etc. However, the most popular type of merchandise is the toys. There have been some annoucements made but the actual toys are not available yet. If you want to know where to buy dinosaur train toys, then the link will take you to a fansite that covers all the latest news about this show. Unfortunately, the blog is not very actively currently, probably due to the lack of news about the toys.

Do you Dinosaur train? If so, what kind of dinosaur train merchandise do you want to see available?

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