dimanche 21 mars 2010

iPhone - Robocalypse Mobile Mayhem

iPhone Robocalypse is a military strategy game coming from the Nintendo DS and developed into iPhone. Robocalypse's control was developed different based on iPhone/iPod touch platform. What is this Robocalypse game about? Robocalypse is a game where one will defend the word from the main evil Demolisher and his army. You are not alone as you can but your army together with your troops from production.

The iPhone Touch interface can be abit different from other games as the interface take up a third of the screen space. Another half is taken up by the game information. Leaving slightly more than half of the screen for your gameplay.

Robocalypse comes with 17 campaigns mission with 3 level of difficulty. In the event Hard maybe too tough, you may restart the game using easy so you can complete the game easier. The gameplay is interesting with different objective and better heros and of course enemies. There is also an option of multiplayer games and maps.

What do you need for your army? Your troops are robots, therefore the resources around are scrap metal. You will need to protect your HQ as that is the only production plant for your harvester of scrap metals. One problem with this game from others is that the location for buildings are fixed and allocation. Therefore no way to build your barrack elsewhere. There are Robot factory for soldiers and medics. Hero factory for special heros. Workshop for upgradings for soldiers, Resource Bank for more production of scrap metal, lastly Radar to view the whole map. In addition, there are small lots for turret building too. This helps you for better defend!

After trying out this game, i find it quite addictive. I like the gameplay, different missions and different interface created. Til now, i still have some difficulty using the interface. New users will find it difficult to use. Strongly recommending this game for strategy gamers. Great Game!

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