mercredi 7 avril 2010

iPhone Fishing Kings

iPhone Fishing Kings is quite a good fishing game done on iPhone. Expected fishing with rod and the game with fish, this game is fun and interactive than other available titles. The developer Gameloft produces quite a good graphics and the underwater camera element adds a nice touch. There's also plenty of upgradeable gear and fishing venues to work your way through, as well as tournaments to enter and achievements to unlock.

iPhone Fishing Kings is a game that involves a lot of sensitive quick movements and it's certainly something public might think you are kind of crazy playing iphone so violent. There are several stages to catching your fish and you can say that it comes into three main phases: Touch and flick to cast; Touch to explore the fauna, reel in your line and flick to jerk the bait; and lastly, twist, flick and touch to land that prize winning fish.

Each scene in the Fishing Kings has a nice view and is easily ranks as some of the best 3D visuals available for the iPhone. There's so much to do, with missions unlocking new areas and rewards to travel around the world. A diary tracks fauna information that you've learned and will become a constant companion for the more advanced challenges.

The scene is very very beautiful and you can enjoy fishing from the comfort of a clean air-conditioned environment. This is an amazing game that could easily bring around even the most stubborn of fishing's detractors.

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