dimanche 12 septembre 2010

iPhone Pirate Nations

iPhone Pirate Nation is developed by MiniNation Games. In this Pirate Nation, you are a pirate going out in the open Sea. Mission is to collect materials to design your own ship, attack enemies with your various weapons, complete quests and finding your group members.

In the Pirate Nation, one needs to build up your energy and defense levels. Given energy level means you can travel more and having more turns. Increasing your defense means you will survive attacks against your ship. Of course giving better weapons will allow you to kill off other pirates fast enough within the given timeline. You can earn extra money by scrubbing the decks of your "Mateys" while visiting their ships which can also earn you "Matey Medals" to replenish your energy as well as additional Doubloons for you to spend. Use your treasures to purchase materials to build parts for your ship, and Jewels to acquire special items to help you advance in the game.

There are two ways to get credits. Either earn money by going for quests or buy jewels using real money. Get jewel via real money allows you to get powerful items for your fight. Choose your own way. slowly gathering money or buy using real money.

Enjoy the iPhone Pirate Nation and build your ideal pirate ship!

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