mardi 26 octobre 2010

Update on the iPad

The iPad had just recently received iOS making it one of the last devices in the lineup to achieve multitasking. But Apple had also said that the iPad will receive the iOS 4.2 update. The difference being software wise, most likely some glitch fixes and bugs etc. But one thing to note is that the button on the iPad which used to be the one when you can lock screen rotation will now turn into a mute button. To be honest I am not sure if everyone will upgrade because I like having the screen lock button rather than a mute button because you can still mute the volume by holding down the button which lowers the volume. But in the near future there could be a jailbreak which might bring that mechanism back. After all this change has to do software wise.

Another thing which was announced recently was the fact that you know that you can engrave your iPod Touch at the back with any phrase or sentence of your choice, you can now also do that with an iPad purchase. The engraving at the back is free of charge when you purchase your iPad on the online store.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28: A man inspects the iPad at the Apple store on George Street on May 28, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Apple's new tablet media device went on sale in nine countries around the world today following its launch in the United States in April this year. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

vendredi 22 octobre 2010

New Macbook Air's/ iLife 11 and Macbook Pro update

Sorry for the delay in today's post guys, but recently Apple had the "Back to the Mac" event and with the update in mind, I made a video showing the brand new products and giving you guys an overview. Another thing was that there was a slight update in the Macbook Pro line, in that you can now order up to a 2.8ghz Intel Core i7 as opposed to 2.66ghz which used to be the max online, but it will run you $200. Personally I say stick with the 2.66ghz and save the extra money for RAM, Hard drive or extra accessories or software. So without further a do, here is the video:

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Apple Back to the Mac event!

Well, as we had talked about before today was the big day for many releases by Apple! Today Apple had introduced a brand new Macbook Air, and that is what we were all expecting, and for those who were speculating that Apple would discontinue it, weren't quite on the dot. Now Apple has released two models of the Macbook Air! One measuring at 11.6 inches, while the other one is the standard 13.3 inch. The new Macbook Air features a Magsafe power adaptor, SD Card slot (only for 13.3 inch Macbook Air) and 2 usb ports! Along with an audio jack and a mini display port! So looking at the ports, I think Apple have done a good job to make the computer better functional and more usable! The Macbook Air along with the other line of Macbook and Macbook Pro's features a multi-touch trackpad and the screen resolution being 1366x768 for the 11.6 inch model and for the 13.3 inch model it's 1440x900. The graphics chip is an Nvidia 320m. Battery life is stellar at 5-7 hours and it also features a SSD! Meaning the boot up process will be much faster! Though the down side is Apple has still stuck with the Core 2 Duo chips... The Macbook Air also features a camera which is Facetime capable! Meaning you can talk with your friends that own an iPhone 4 or the new iPod Touch! I have to say Apple has remarkable engineering in that, they have managed to keep the Macbook Air 0.19 inches thin! And it weighs a mere 2.9 pounds.

Pricing is $999 for 11.6 inch with 64gb SSD and a 1.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and for $1199 you can get a 128gb SSD. The 13.3 inch Model starts at $1299 and features a 1.86ghz Intel Core 2 Duo along with 128gb SSD and for $1599 you can get 256gb SSD. Though the standard memory in the systems is 2GB.

Along with that Apple also introduced a new operating system called OSX Lion! It was meant to be obvious by the invitation Apple had given and it will be releasing in Summer 2011. The new OSX Lion will have the capability to feature multi touch gesture and they have also brought along a design identical  to an iPad, meaning there will be an app store and also you can be able to use those apps on your Mac.  Along with that Apple has released iLife '11 it was quite mysterious how there was no iLife '10 but with iLife ' 11 you get a new iPhoto which has Facebook enhancements. You will be allowed to e-mail photos and a new full screen mode for photos is here and also there is the ability to bring your photos from Flickr. With iMovie comes a way to change audio in certain clips and also now you have the ability to apply sound effects to a clip. Also there is an ability to fill out a trailer form and make your own trailer on iMovie, and now there is also the ability to change FPS! That is just a bit of all the goodness of iLife '11 it will be available starting today and is free with every new Mac, and costs $49 to upgrade.

So looking at today's event, I must say it was packed with goodness, but I only hoped they would bring a change to the Macbook line.. Considering the Macbook lineup is quite plaid right now and hopefully we can see a change soon. But overall an exciting and suspenseful event nonetheless!

lundi 18 octobre 2010

Apple reports Q4 Financial Results

Today Apple had posted their Q4 earnings of this year, and Apple had managed to reach the record mark of $20.34 billion in revenue! A lot of discussion was going on as to whether Apple would pass the $20 billion mark and indeed they have, they have also made a $4.31 billion of net quarterly profit. This is a huge difference compared to last years Q4 earnings of $2.53 billion.

During this time Apple had sold 3.89 million Macintosh's and that accounts for a 27% increase compared to last year, along with 14.1 billion iPhone's and that was a huge 91% increase over last year! Apple also sold 9.05 million iPod's and thus there was a decline of 11% compared to last year iPod sales, this could be mainly cause of the fact the iPad accounted for 4.19 million! Which means the iPad has sold more than all the Macintosh's and can be the main reason why Apple saw a decline in iPod sales by 11%. With these results it's no surprise Apple must be really thrilled! But the declining sales of the iPod can be a bit of concern. So looking at this quarter it looks like the iPad and iPhone clearly took the spotlight!

Overall I have to say a great quarter for Apple and overall doing a better job than last year, and with the "Back to the Mac" event coming this Wednesday, hopefully things can only get better!

samedi 16 octobre 2010

Apple passes milestone in Apps on iOS platform

It's not surprising that it wasn't too long ago when we had talked about Apple celebrating 100,000 apps on the iOS platform and 2 months ago they were at 250,000, now we are looking at over 300,000 apps! Think back when the App store had first been revealed when the first iPhone was released and the first iPod touch. It was back in 2008 and looking at 2 years later I think Apple have gone through a huge milestone! Much of all these apps on the app store are thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch and that is mainly thanks to Apple's great marketing skills.RIM had also just recently only passed the 10,000 mark but have a long way to go in order to compare to the iOS platform. The massive amount of apps cover mostly books, and games then comes entertainment. So this goes to show the iPhone and iPod Touch along with the iPad make a great gaming device more over than any BlackBerry. The results show that just more than 1/4 of all apps were free apps. so that makes just around 75,000 apps, which is quite a lot. So yet another milestone for Apple and many more hopefully to come.

A customer looks at an iPhone 4 at the Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York, in this June 24, 2010 file photo. Apple Inc came clean on July 2, 2010 about an embarrassing software glitch that overstates network signal strength in its hot-selling iPhone, as complaints mounted about the phone's wraparound antenna. Apple admitted its signal strength miscalculation dates back to its original 2007 iPhone. It promised to fix the glitch in a few weeks, but did not directly address concerns that its antenna design causes reception problems for iPhone 4, its newest phone.  REUTERS/Eric Thayer/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SCI TECH)

vendredi 15 octobre 2010

No availability on the white iPhone 4 yet...

Since day 1 when the iPhone 4 was released everyone was anxiously waiting for the white iPhone 4, Apple said it would be released later throughout the year and so far no news yet. Though ComputerWorld, and MacRumors noted that a New York man was discovered with a white iPhone 4, after talking to him it was found that there are numerous numbers of White iPhone's in Cupertino headquarters but the only problem being with a manufacturing color issue. Unfortunately it seems that what is delaying the release is that the home button color does not match the whole of the front iPhone 4. Therefore Apple is working on that to replace it so the iPhone 4 will look set and ready for Apple's quality control standards. We have no idea as to when Apple will have all this fixed through, but by watching many YouTube videos people have ordered white iPhone cases to cover up the black and some also got white coated on it through the help of third party sellers internationally. Stay tuned for more news.

SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 07: The new iPhone 4 is displayed at the 2010 Apple World Wide Developers conference June 7, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off their annual WWDC with the announcement of the new iPhone 4. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Back to the Mac event

Sorry about the delay in posts everyone was very busy this week and I am actually lucky I have an opportunity to write this today :)

Just recently Apple had given out invitations to many people because of the fact they are holding an event, the annual "Back to the Mac" event and if many of you saw the actual invitation it had a picture of an Apple along with a little bit of a lion showing at the back! This could mean possibly a new version of OSX will appear! It might as well be 10.7 Lion but we aren't sure yet. Judging from the picture that's what many will probably think. We might also see some new Apple laptop's/ desktops hopefully, a new design perhaps? The event is scheduled for October 20th 2010. I hope the 13" Macbook Pro models will get rid of the old Core 2 Duo technology and hopefully ship with Core i3 along with a good graphics chip. Some people also believe the Macbook and Macbook Pro line will receive retina displays! Which will be astounding but will also make the price higher. Given the fact also we have seen the Apple TV and Mac mini receive HDMI we hope other lineup of Mac's will receive that as well.

This was also rumored before and that was the fact we might see a cheaper and much smaller version of the Macbook Air, possibly around 11 inches. This might bump up the poor sales of the Macbook Air and hopefully make it truly part of the Macintosh lineup. Everyone is extremely excited for the event, as for me I think this event will be much more exciting than all the other ones we have seen throughout this year!

Picture courtesy of Cnet 

What Books Are You Preaching From?

This week during seasonal sermon planning I did some investigation into what texts we've preached in our worship services at Raytown Christian Church in the just over five years we've been there. My partner Dawn and I are co-pastors, and we plan all the worship themes and preaching texts together, though we alternate the preaching duty each week.

After reviewing the texts from the last 266 sermons, I was at first stunned that we had only preached from 34 books. For three years we used the Revised Common Lectionary (which does not cover each book), and then for two+ years we have organized individual series, planned out months in advance. Here is a cloud representation of the books we've preached from, the relative size indicating the amount of times we've preached from it. It has been a helpful exercise, informative future sermon planning.

created at

lundi 11 octobre 2010

Verizon iPhone rumors could be true

This topic has been brought up many times in the news, and we have talked about it here as well. Rumors claimed to say that Apple were going forward to release the iPhone on Verizon's network early 2011. Well just around last week it was found that Verizon had ordered more band technology which they will input into the iPhone possibly and the fact that  they are enhancing their network capabilities cause they know when the iPhone is released on their network there will be a huge number of users. All these factors lead into the rumor being true and if so that will be very good and could be an interesting move which will make Apple towards gaining more profit. I wonder what the pricing will be like on Verizon's network. Someone also pointed out that Verizon being one of the best network companies in the US, does not carry many great phones, and we wonder why. But once the iPhone does hopefully hit Verizon then we might also see a change in the lineup of other phones. Also other thing this is I wonder if Verizon networks will be able to handle the massive amount of people that do purchase an iPhone considering the fact, the phones which they currently sell now aren't too popular and don't use up too much of their data. We will just have to wait and see. And just around this time we also wonder will Apple release a newer iPhone 5 or will they stick with the iPhone 4 just with minor changes?

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JULY 30: A demonstration model of the iPhone 4 is displayed at the Vodafone Newmarket store on July 30, 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Johnston/Getty Images)

mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Apple sued by Motorola for patient infringement

Just when Apple had been in trouble with another patient infringement case, Motorola files another case and has decided to sue Apple because of the fact Apple has misused over 15 patients owned by Motorola. This goes towards Apple 3G connectivity, wifi design and more. Motorola had tried to reach an agreement with Apple to license their technology, but they did not reach a final decision. Apple was sued for the fact they denied to pay for each license. Motorola has also decided to take the step and stop from more Apple products being sold which are involved in this patient infringement. Also promotion of these products might also be halted because of the fact Motorola is very serious with this issue and this could include the iPad, iPhone and possibly iPod Touch. Well the list of all these issues for Apple just might keep getting longer and it isn't looking good at the moment. Who knows what Apple will plan to do next, they (Apple) have also sued HTC in the past and these issues between cell phone companies may continue for a while, who knows.