mercredi 20 octobre 2010

Apple Back to the Mac event!

Well, as we had talked about before today was the big day for many releases by Apple! Today Apple had introduced a brand new Macbook Air, and that is what we were all expecting, and for those who were speculating that Apple would discontinue it, weren't quite on the dot. Now Apple has released two models of the Macbook Air! One measuring at 11.6 inches, while the other one is the standard 13.3 inch. The new Macbook Air features a Magsafe power adaptor, SD Card slot (only for 13.3 inch Macbook Air) and 2 usb ports! Along with an audio jack and a mini display port! So looking at the ports, I think Apple have done a good job to make the computer better functional and more usable! The Macbook Air along with the other line of Macbook and Macbook Pro's features a multi-touch trackpad and the screen resolution being 1366x768 for the 11.6 inch model and for the 13.3 inch model it's 1440x900. The graphics chip is an Nvidia 320m. Battery life is stellar at 5-7 hours and it also features a SSD! Meaning the boot up process will be much faster! Though the down side is Apple has still stuck with the Core 2 Duo chips... The Macbook Air also features a camera which is Facetime capable! Meaning you can talk with your friends that own an iPhone 4 or the new iPod Touch! I have to say Apple has remarkable engineering in that, they have managed to keep the Macbook Air 0.19 inches thin! And it weighs a mere 2.9 pounds.

Pricing is $999 for 11.6 inch with 64gb SSD and a 1.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and for $1199 you can get a 128gb SSD. The 13.3 inch Model starts at $1299 and features a 1.86ghz Intel Core 2 Duo along with 128gb SSD and for $1599 you can get 256gb SSD. Though the standard memory in the systems is 2GB.

Along with that Apple also introduced a new operating system called OSX Lion! It was meant to be obvious by the invitation Apple had given and it will be releasing in Summer 2011. The new OSX Lion will have the capability to feature multi touch gesture and they have also brought along a design identical  to an iPad, meaning there will be an app store and also you can be able to use those apps on your Mac.  Along with that Apple has released iLife '11 it was quite mysterious how there was no iLife '10 but with iLife ' 11 you get a new iPhoto which has Facebook enhancements. You will be allowed to e-mail photos and a new full screen mode for photos is here and also there is the ability to bring your photos from Flickr. With iMovie comes a way to change audio in certain clips and also now you have the ability to apply sound effects to a clip. Also there is an ability to fill out a trailer form and make your own trailer on iMovie, and now there is also the ability to change FPS! That is just a bit of all the goodness of iLife '11 it will be available starting today and is free with every new Mac, and costs $49 to upgrade.

So looking at today's event, I must say it was packed with goodness, but I only hoped they would bring a change to the Macbook line.. Considering the Macbook lineup is quite plaid right now and hopefully we can see a change soon. But overall an exciting and suspenseful event nonetheless!

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