lundi 18 octobre 2010

Apple reports Q4 Financial Results

Today Apple had posted their Q4 earnings of this year, and Apple had managed to reach the record mark of $20.34 billion in revenue! A lot of discussion was going on as to whether Apple would pass the $20 billion mark and indeed they have, they have also made a $4.31 billion of net quarterly profit. This is a huge difference compared to last years Q4 earnings of $2.53 billion.

During this time Apple had sold 3.89 million Macintosh's and that accounts for a 27% increase compared to last year, along with 14.1 billion iPhone's and that was a huge 91% increase over last year! Apple also sold 9.05 million iPod's and thus there was a decline of 11% compared to last year iPod sales, this could be mainly cause of the fact the iPad accounted for 4.19 million! Which means the iPad has sold more than all the Macintosh's and can be the main reason why Apple saw a decline in iPod sales by 11%. With these results it's no surprise Apple must be really thrilled! But the declining sales of the iPod can be a bit of concern. So looking at this quarter it looks like the iPad and iPhone clearly took the spotlight!

Overall I have to say a great quarter for Apple and overall doing a better job than last year, and with the "Back to the Mac" event coming this Wednesday, hopefully things can only get better!

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