mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Apple sued by Motorola for patient infringement

Just when Apple had been in trouble with another patient infringement case, Motorola files another case and has decided to sue Apple because of the fact Apple has misused over 15 patients owned by Motorola. This goes towards Apple 3G connectivity, wifi design and more. Motorola had tried to reach an agreement with Apple to license their technology, but they did not reach a final decision. Apple was sued for the fact they denied to pay for each license. Motorola has also decided to take the step and stop from more Apple products being sold which are involved in this patient infringement. Also promotion of these products might also be halted because of the fact Motorola is very serious with this issue and this could include the iPad, iPhone and possibly iPod Touch. Well the list of all these issues for Apple just might keep getting longer and it isn't looking good at the moment. Who knows what Apple will plan to do next, they (Apple) have also sued HTC in the past and these issues between cell phone companies may continue for a while, who knows.

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