jeudi 14 octobre 2010

Back to the Mac event

Sorry about the delay in posts everyone was very busy this week and I am actually lucky I have an opportunity to write this today :)

Just recently Apple had given out invitations to many people because of the fact they are holding an event, the annual "Back to the Mac" event and if many of you saw the actual invitation it had a picture of an Apple along with a little bit of a lion showing at the back! This could mean possibly a new version of OSX will appear! It might as well be 10.7 Lion but we aren't sure yet. Judging from the picture that's what many will probably think. We might also see some new Apple laptop's/ desktops hopefully, a new design perhaps? The event is scheduled for October 20th 2010. I hope the 13" Macbook Pro models will get rid of the old Core 2 Duo technology and hopefully ship with Core i3 along with a good graphics chip. Some people also believe the Macbook and Macbook Pro line will receive retina displays! Which will be astounding but will also make the price higher. Given the fact also we have seen the Apple TV and Mac mini receive HDMI we hope other lineup of Mac's will receive that as well.

This was also rumored before and that was the fact we might see a cheaper and much smaller version of the Macbook Air, possibly around 11 inches. This might bump up the poor sales of the Macbook Air and hopefully make it truly part of the Macintosh lineup. Everyone is extremely excited for the event, as for me I think this event will be much more exciting than all the other ones we have seen throughout this year!

Picture courtesy of Cnet 

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