vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Apple acknowledges Macbook Air issues

Remember the post yesterday where we had talked about how Apple Macbook Air's were facing an issue with the screen display showing weird colours? Well apparently it isn't a graphics card issue but rather when opening it up from sleep mode, it hasn't cycled fully therefore in the midst of it's sleep cycle waking it up will cause these issues. Well it seemed like Apple knew that this issue was going to occur because another source had found a picture of instructions internally on an Apple Store screen and noted that in order to solve this problem, put the Macbook Air into sleep again, wait 10 seconds, this way it will cycle through it's sleep mode, and wake it up again by opening the lid. Which should fix the problem. Sounds about right, but I still wonder what could be the cause of this problem? and is it likely to come back in the future? Cause from the sound of it, this way only sounds like a temporary fix. 

Source: Apple confirms Macbook Air bugs internally  (BGR)

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