jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Apple Black Friday sale

Black Friday occurs every year, in the U.S. and is one of the most popular days of the year, where many international travellers go to get items at great savings. Apple has known to offer some great sales of Macintoshes and this year we will also look at lowered prices on the iPad, iPod Touch and even other accessories. Just right now I was browsing through the site and found a page which showed the slashed down prices which we will see on Friday!

The sales include: $101 off iMac's which is now at $1098, along with $101 off Macbook Pro's which now start at $1098 as well! The 13.3 inch Macbook Air starting at $1299 is now slashed down to $1198! 

Among the iOS Devices we are looking at the new iPod nano receive a minimal $11 slash down of price, to $138. With the iPad you save $41, and now it goes for $458! Which is nearly $50 off and that is pretty good, nearly the same price for a refurbished. The iPod Touch also received a slash down by $21 to $208.

This sale carries the Macintosh tradition of slashing down prices by $101 and I think the iPad will sell a lot considering it received a pretty decent slash down on pricing. Many people might consider this, while the iPod Touch and Nano have hardly any sale to offer I am pretty sure those will sell as well. But more than ever I believe the Macbook Pro's will sell, because at a price of $1098 they are simply hard to resist. 

One thing I was surprised about was the fact the Unibody white Macbook received no decrease on pricing. There are also many accessories which have marked down prices. Tomorrow seems like quite an exciting day and we hope you guys will also pick some new gadgets up! :) 

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