vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Apple discontinues Xserve

I don't know if many were expecting this but our beloved Apple Xserve has discontinued, I also was looking at the last time it would get a referesh according to Macrumors buyer guide and it was way past the average date of refresh. Well MacGeneration just noted that when searching internally in Apple's site, they found a PDF that says Xserve transition guide. Apparently a guide of how far the Xserve has come. But at the end they found that the Xserve is to be discontinued. The current Xserve will be on sale till January 31, 2011. I never really saw the Xserve sky rocket in terms of sales, judging by the huge price. Also with the release of the Mac mini server, all it did was hurt the sales of Xserve even more. But what Apple is going to offer is a Mac Pro option with Snow Leopard server, which will replace the Xserve and that will give you two options of servers now, either the Mac mini server for small businesses, or the Mac Pro server for bigger enterprises. The first Xserve was released in 2002 and the last refresh being in April 2009, shows that indeed with such a huge time frame a refresh wasn't looking likely. So for all people that would like a final Xserve, your best bet is to pick one up before January 31, 2011.

Very sad news in the Apple world, first with the Macbook Air issues, and now this.

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