mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Apple extending song previews on iTunes store to 90 seconds

Just when you look at the amount of illegal music being downloaded these days, you sometimes might wonder, how is iTunes still running today along with some of the other music industries? I would have to give credit to Apple because of the fact, thanks to their great commercializing of iPod's and iPad's it has brought many people to buying music from iTunes, so as far as I believe, if Apple continues to make iOS devices, then the iTunes store will always be in business. This is what I believe, but it could change. Just recently Apple have made plans to extend song previews to 90 seconds, this could be cause of the fact, more people would end up purchasing music, or because of the fact, the amount of music being sold is going down. It's no surprise earlier this year, the iPod's had also declined in sales... This might be something for Apple to think about, as time goes on is business at iTunes weakening?

We will have to wait and see what kind of an effect 90 second previews will have on the buyer, hopefully it might increase sales. Apple says this 90 second preview will only work on songs which are over two and a half minutes. I am also sure they had to work it out with all the music industries, when deciding to make this change. Only time will tell if the 90 second previews will make sales go up.

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