mardi 30 novembre 2010

Apple iPad taking over Kindle market

The Kindle which has been selling through Amazon for quite some time now, was at the #1 peak for most popular product, that was until the release of the iPad. Now that the iPad is here, it has taken sales of Kindle from 62% down to 47% whereas the iPad has now gone from 16% to 32%. This isn't looking too good for Amazon's Kindle, and we can kind of expect that for paying around $300 more than a Kindle you get much more for your dollar, such as surfing the web, apps, and full colour screen which is much bigger than a Kindle.

The Kindle has also taken a hit in the customer satisfaction department, where the Kindle shows 54% of users are satisfied, whereas the iPad shows 75%. It's no surprise as Apple had taken the top spot in reliability compared to other companies back when had written a post about it, and from the charts it looks like the sales of the Kindle will just continue to drop.

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