mardi 16 novembre 2010

Beatles finally hit iTunes

It's been a decade since iTunes was launched and known for carrying every song and artist album, the only band which they did not keep music of was The Beatles. Now how can they keep everyone else apart of iTunes but not The Beatles for so long? This was due to the fact there were many court issues over the name "Apple" and copyright issues with EMI. It took them 10 years to reach to a final conclusion, and I am sure it's one where consumers and even Apple would like. The Beatles were probably one of the only bands where their music was not downloadable digitally, through stores. With this change will we see any change in sales of music at iTunes? Well it's definitely what most people were waiting for. Some might be disappointed because they were expecting a streaming music service to come, but that will have to wait. So things are getting better for Apple and it's great to see The Beatles apart of iTunes.

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