samedi 27 novembre 2010

iPhone Game Development for Beginners

Playing iPhone games is not enough for you and curious about how they design and program such excellent games like Angry Birds, iSlash, you can get your hands dirty with Beginning iPhone Game Development book. Plus, the reward can return you as montly extra cash from the game downloads on App Store. If you have talent and real patience to work on serious iPhone game projects, it can even turn into a business which brings thousands of dollars monthly.

You’ll learn in Beginning iPhone Game Development book about:

Effective techniques for designing in 2D and 3D to the iPhone screen

Game-special computer animation solutions with Core Animation

To make use of OpenGL ES for extra complicated and real looking gaming background scenes and motion

Several ways of bringing music to improve the game playing feel

How you can provide your users usage of their iPhone libraries from inside games

The instruments and methods of 3D audio for producing far more authentic gaming experiences

How you can perform game networking right, among them two-player games over Bluetooth and multiplayer games throughout Wi-Fi

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