jeudi 4 novembre 2010

New Macbook Air's showing issues

This was just recently released on Macrumors, and it was a video by someone showing how there was a defect in the graphics on the new Macbook Air, apparently this issue happens after waking your Macbook Air up from sleep. Causing it to show fuzzy colours, I noticed this was on Apple's forums for some of the earlier 2009 Mac mini's with the 9400m, but this Macbook Air features the 320m. Well a temproary fix seems to be rebooting the machine, but it's most likely the problem isn't gone for good. So it's best to take it into Applecare to get it checked. This issue seems to be only with a few number of defective Macbook Air's but the amount of complaints is growing, according to the article on Macrumors. This will deeply affect Apple's reputation on reliability. Other than that there also seems to be an issue with the logic board, some people have noted that their 13.3 inch Macbook Air's would randomly shut down or be stuck on the grey screen. Apple says this could be due to a faulty logic board, or something software related. Apple have said they will have a software update soon, so that might fix it hopefully. But I always had a feeling there was something going to be wrong with the logic board on the new Air, first of all looking at how crammed it is inside it's case with the flash storage right on top, and the fact they did that was to open up space for batteries.

Hopefully the issues with the Macbook Air's get taken care of as soon as possible, and looking at it so far, the issue with the graphics card only seems to loom on the 11.6 inch models, but judging by the fact both 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch use the same graphics chip, it wouldn't be surprising if we were to see that issue on the 13.3 inch as well.

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