mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Thoughts on iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 was released just a couple of days ago and I am sure many people have updated and have tried it by now. Users with an Apple TV, must be very excited as this update contains Airplay and Airtunes. The ability to wirelessly stream music and videos from your iOS device onto your Apple TV. So far after many people giving it a try, I noticed that Airplay isn't bang on yet... What I mean by this is, when streaming through photos, there seems to be a noticeable amount of lag and that can't be a good thing... The movie streaming from the ones downloaded on your device works, just fine. Although many people tried streaming Netflix, and that did not work so great... Apparently only audio goes through to the Apple TV and not the video... Were not sure if this bug goes towards everyone or a few users. We hope Apple will fix this issue. Other than that I say Airplay is pretty decent. 

Looking at iPad users, the most important update had to be this one because it brought through muli-tasking along with folders and basically all the features previous iPod Touch and iPhone users had. The update also brings along the feature to find you lost iPhone which is now free. One downside to some might be the lock screen switch is now turned into a mute switch. This in my opinion isn't so great. I would rather prefer to have the lock switch physical because you can still mute the device physically by holding on the "down" volume control and that isn't all that hard. But the lock screen button being on the outside makes it more seamless. That is just my thought and that's what many other believe as well. 

In fact it is said Gizmodo has launched a petition in order to bring back the lock screen switch. 

All in all the update was a positive one with a bit of quirks, hopefully those will be fixed though, and some sources which might not be reliable, believe that iOS 4.3 will be out in December... hopefully to fix these quirks and maybe bring along changes? We aren't sure yet and I highly doubt that it will be coming in December. But nonetheless stay tuned! 

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