samedi 11 décembre 2010

AppCast 8: Xfinity, Loky, Google Books, Madden 11, and More

It’s time for another AppCast! In this week’s edition we discuss the Comcast/Xfinity App, Loky, and Google Books which are all new on Android Market. We toss in some news about games such as Madden 11, Drift Mania, and good old MafiaWars and Farmville.

And, as a bonus feature, I totally pwn the word “Touiteur” at the end. Hope you enjoy:

Apps discussed in this post include:

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  1. While I'm sure that this is good for Comcast customers I'm still curious why it's taken so long for them to release their app. DISH Network has had the ability to control your DVR/guide on your iOS or Android based phone for quite some time now. And as a DISH customer/employee I can tell you that DISH also lets you watch live TV and DVR recordings while your on the go.