samedi 11 décembre 2010

Kelley Blue Book App Appraises the Android Market

When it comes to buying and selling cars, the Kelley Blue Book might as well be considered the bible. An always trusted source when it comes to appraising the value of a vehicle, the new Android application is the perfect companion when shopping around for your next ride. Containing pricing and vehicle information for new and used models, local dealer information, and a widget for tracking the value of the cars you are interested in. The hope is with the app you can buy educated and save yourself some cash in the long run. That’s something we can get behind, especially around the holidays. Get it in the Market now.

[via AndroidGuys]

QR Code Thumb This free, interactive app provides you with trusted Kelley Blue Book� Values and the information you need to simplify the car-buying process! You can view Kelley Blue Book editorial reviews and find a local dealer. With the app, you will have the expert advice of Kelley Blue Book at your fingertips (literally)! ... Read More

Downloads 500-1,000
Developed by Kelley Blue Book

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