samedi 11 décembre 2010

MessagEase 2.0 for Android Adds Multi-Lingual Support

MessagEase, yet another alternative keyboard for Android smartphones, is announcing that their application now supports text entry in eight additional languages. Now English speakers as well as those who call Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Persian, or Arabic their native language can utilize MessageEase’s take on typing. The tactic is use less keys to speed up typing, parsing the whole job down to just nine buttons. Anyone use it?

[via AndroudGuys]


QR Code Thumb Experience what you've been missing on your Android phone: an alternative keyboard with fewer, larger keys & a patented arrangement optimized for speed. Text one-handed, with one thumb or finger. Spend a few minutes to find out why MessagEase is the choice of 10000s. Voice-rec coming. Send us feedback: ... Read More

Downloads 5,000-10,000
Developed by Exideas

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