samedi 11 décembre 2010

Silent Communication beefs-up its visual voicemail client with voice-to-text capabilities

silent voicemail Silent Communication beefs up its visual voicemail client with voice to text capabilities
Silent Communication enhanced its Silent VVM visual voicemail mobile client with new voice-to-text capabilities, providing users with even greater flexibility to manage their voicemail via a single interface. Utilizing the company’s serverless Device and Network Agnostic (DANA) deployment technology, mobile operators can roll out this service to any device on their network simultaneously, no matter which operating system it [device] runs.

In other words, with Silent VVM mobile client, users can manage voicemail like they’re managing their SMS, MMS or email. You can either look at messages, listen to them with one click or respond via call back, SMS, MMS and/or email. And now with the addition of voice-to-text capabilities, there’s an option to view text transcriptions of voice messages.

Silent Communication’s visual messaging clients are pre-integrated with all voicemail vendors, including Comverse, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Acision, Unisys and Streamwide, and can be deployed by any mobile operator. The question is – which operator(s) will jump on board. I definitely see this as a valuable service that would be used by many…

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