samedi 11 décembre 2010

Sprint Allowing Techs to Flash Epic 4Gs with Leaked Froyo Back to Stock Eclair?


Rumor has it (via Android Guys) that Sprint is telling their tech support team to flash any broken Samsung EPIC 4Gs that come in with the leaked 2.2 upgrade back to Eclair. From the sounds of it, Sprint won’t have a way to roll the final update out – whenever that should happen – to those who flashed any of the leaks as they were able to do with the HTC EVO 4G.

AG also questioned if this were even legal: no, it isn’t. Having been the victim of a failed hard drive in the past few weeks, Geek Squad offered to back my data up for me and reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive (for which I had no disk, so they charged extra). After asking how much that would cost (I’d never pay them such ridiculous amounts of money to do something so easy. I was only there for the new hard drive.) they informed me I’d need to give  them express permission to do so. (There could be private information on these things, you know.)

But if they are indeed doing it, let them: you’ll have no other choice unless you root the device and back your data up yourself. Using Odin to return to a stock ROM would also wipe your phone clean, as well, so you’re out of luck either way.

For those in this unfortunate predicament, I’m planning to publish a tutorial on how to use Odin to get back to stock Android 2.1 from ANY build. It’s the least (and, simultaneously, the most) I could do after I erroneously endorsed the upgrade as official. (Yes, I know you’ll still want off with my head.)

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