mercredi 9 février 2011

Killer Mac SEO Tips : Think Keywords First - Numbers Second

With billions of web pages, and millions of registered domains - you might wonder how you can make money online and survive all the truly ginormous competition out there. Well, it all starts with finding your NICHE. And then learning the Top-10 keywords associated with that niche and going after them with a vengeance. You have to know those keywords dead cold: Title with them, Anchor links with them, Tag with them, Tweet with them. Relentlessly using WORDS to establish your authority and relevancy.

It's too easy to get lost in SEO NUMBERS: Google Analytics and Stats, Backlink counts, Keyword frequencies, conversion ratios, site response times, bounce rates, etc, et. al., ad infinitum. They are important to watch and monitor - to keep mental notes of - to see correlations - to spot strength and weakness. But ulitmately it all starts and ends with words that matter, words that can compete, words you know attract eyeballs and words that you FORGOT to include that can take your site traffic to the next level. Get the words right -- and the numbers (and dollars) will take care of themselves.

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