jeudi 24 mars 2011

Quickly Make Money Online - MMO The Mac Way - With RapidWeaver

Few web authoring programs for OSX are as affordable, elegant, approachable and easy to use as RapidWeaver for Mac. You can literally whip up a multi-page Static site or a quick Blog in a half hour or less, monetize it and have a new site up and running - QUICK!

With a decent selection of bundled customizable templates and a handful and then-some of different types of pages - You can add Styled or HTML pages, a Blog or Movie and Photo Galleries - and more to your liking.


It's important to grok RapidWeaver's SITE SETUP dialogs. So much of the On-Page SEO details of Title, Description, Keywords, Page Header and Footer Text happen there. Load these up with your primary keyword phrases - and you have a strong foundation for ranking well in organic search. Site Setup is also where you'd add Google Analytics or other Stat Tracking code to monitor your site's progress.

With a healthy amount of help and online resources: Whether it's RealMac's online support forum, YouTube tutorial videos, and others - some of the finer points of leveraging RapidWeaver's abilities are within reach of any Mac webmaster.

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